Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ocean Way Studios Video - TCB

Here is the video from the sessions at Ocean Way....Special thanks to PJ our engergetic engineer for all the work.....can't wait for everyone to hear the recordings

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Recording at Ocean Way Studios

Me and Boys are set to record the new CD Project beginning this weekend.
We are laying down the tracks at the famous Ocean Way Studios here in Nashville..... A lot of great stuff has come out of that place....So it is definitely an honor.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

How can YOU Help?

Truth is there is a lot to be done....if you are willing to help we would love to hear from you!!!!
Currently we, Todd Cecil, which is I and the TCBand are looking for individuals to help out with bookings or publicity.
It doesn't matter if this is something you have done in the past....sometimes the new attitude is the best.......So if you want to do it now is what counts!!

So Publicity consists of
****getting the word out about the shows and the music

-internet (myspace and Blogs)
-contacting those newspaper guys.....they are usually very nice and want to hear from you.
-and rallying people in areas to hand some flyers.....the street teams you know!!!

and Whatever creative ideas you could bring to the table.

and Booking
***Of course consists of helping us find the shows and scheduling a date

-Negotiating skills are good here.....but also I feel I am pretty good at the negotiations

Would Love to Hear From You......and oh yeah you gotta love the music....and of course be a positive hearted person!!!!

Cheers T