Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Benefit for SisterCare

Columbia South Carolina

Sat. Dec. 23

Benefit for SisterCare

Show at

Thanks to two new friends of mine Bentz and May who worked really hard

the benefit raised almost a total $3400

for Sistercare and SC VAN----what a BLAST------the other performers (which are now many new friends of mine also) are as follows

Danielle Howle, Amy Steinberg, James Ponce, Elizabeth Cameron, Josh McGill, Hannah Miller, Rian Adkinson, Elizabeth Allen, Zach Fowler, Lorrie Rivers, Jeff Johansson, and Bentz Kirby ..and of course ME...who didn't make the photo shoot

(percussion-man and pez collector) Jackson Wools and Bentz Kirby

Lovely and Talented May modeling the TC t-shirt

Myself and a new great friend Lorrie Rivers

Hope you like the CD!!!

Fellow artists

Catch you in Nashville...fellow myspacer

My dance partner for the night...who I owe a are so much fun

Thanks Columbia....look forward to the next show...........

Friday, December 1, 2006


Show at LEEANNE'S in

Huntsville... Alabama

Nov. 29 -06



Shared the night with Rick Duvall and Lonny Ayres

check out Lonny's myspace

Two Huntsville beauties with the FREE SlideSong CD

And Here with Me (man it really sucks to be caught in the enjoying myself alittle bit too much I must say)

Angel the beautiful bartender with the Todd Cecil T

Great outdoor stage

here is shot of what Lonny's car leaked out the next morning (he is definitely an enviromentalist)

And the breakfast was the weirdest tasting thing I have ever experienced---some form of animal he's holding up

New Driving Shades......for better highway vision

Monday, November 6, 2006


Huntsville... Alabama and the House of Brews

Really a cool night ...had a blast with everyone there,

and I found Huntsville to be a pretty rockin place.


Carol, Edie and Rick

quite the long show.......4-1

Thanks to everyone for showing up.....and for Pricewitt for coming out

Pretty Girl in Purple.....bought the first painting of the evening (the new Lava Paintings) I just starting doing and carrying to gigs to see peoples far so good..(plus they are fun to do)

Wee gig at Caffeines in Nashville

total posed shot.......

Hope you passed your Nursing exam..........


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Through the Carolinas

Took the slidesong mobile through the Carolinas.....seein family

Pictured here with Pops car......

Took my portable studio down to the south carolina coast to

do some mixin on my new cd........and met two very cool people

the beautiful Gwen and Scott from the natural food store (mean tuna salad)

....who lucky for me didn't distract me from working-

-will catch you again soon- (already miss the ocean)

my friend Sarah (cleaning the slide machine )....put em to work

when they come to visit

You can't beat Sushi.....

She's the coolest

Todd T's

Jenn Franklin.....(we need to do more shows Jenn....I love her and her music)

Karen Layne.........too talented for Nashville...(and too talented to be promoting me on her shirt)

Shelly Apple.......the highest voice in Nashville 

Would have guys on here too but the t shirt guy messed up and gave me only girl shirts.

"when you have lemons, make lemonaide"....(right?...umm..that might not be the right saying to use here...oh well)

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Onto St. Louis....thanks Jamie and Todd (sound dude)


Onto St. Louis...the infamous Lemmons

We were in competition with the Flaming Lips that night...but still an awesome time

On Stager......

The Lovely and talented Gene Specialist (or jean specialist).....and the one that made the show worth it.


Sorry about the red eye thing......

Don't mess with this man....(he was in charge of protecting the rights of single Moms that night)

Mando boy

Cool cats from Colorado.......peace dudes!!!!!!!